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CSP Alliance:

Promoting the benefits of solar thermal electric power


Solar thermal electric power is a clean, reliable and cost-effective source of renewable energy. When coupled with proven and cost-effective thermal storage, solar thermal electric power becomes an even more valuable resource, capable of serving as a foundation to a low-carbon and reliable electricity mix.

The Concentrating Solar Power Alliance (The CSP Alliance) consists of solar thermal electric power developers and suppliers who advocate for the increasing acceptance, adoption and implementation of solar thermal electric technology and thermal energy storage.

The Alliance has been created to:
Articulate the benefits and need for this technology through outreach and education activities;
Create broad awareness of these benefits and need among key stakeholder groups, including regulators, utilities and policy makers; and
Develop policy recommendations and support research to encourage and advance solar thermal electric technology deployment.


The CSP Alliance is an advocacy group whose membership is drawn from the world’s leading solar thermal electric technology companies and their supply chain partners.

The Alliance’s mission is to educate electricity market stakeholders on the industry’s unique value proposition as a foundational resource for a reliable, cost-effective and low-carbon electricity mix, and an engine for economic growth in areas where these technologies are deployed.