CSP Portfolio of Technologies

Solar thermal electric power systems make use of the sun’s limitless energy first by concentrating solar radiation and then by converting it to thermal energy for use in steam generation. The steam drives a standard turbine to generate electricity. Customers include electric utilities and those involved with a growing number of industrial processes, such as enhanced oil recovery. Although varied in design, all solar thermal electric technologies are based on proven engineering principles and built using common materials and accommodate energy storage.


Power Tower

An array of heliostats – large mirrors – focuses light on a solar receiver located at the top of a tower hundreds of feet high.







Parabolic Trough

A long parabolic mirror, aligned north-to-south, rotates to track the sun and reflects heat onto a fluid-filled tube that runs its length.







Fresnel Reflectors

A series of long, narrow, shallow-curvature mirrors focus light onto one or more linear receivers positioned above the mirrors.